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Have you ever heard of a kiwi that could fly? Well, it's time to get introduced to our very own Kingi the Kiwi. 

Kingi is a friendly chap, and over the holidays you might spot him aboard one of our Soaring Kiwi buses, or strolling through the streets of Christchurch or Auckland.

Kingi isn't like the other kiwis. He is special. He spends his days dreaming of flying and wistfully watches the other birds soaring through the skies. 

One day, Kingi was lying in the grass. He gazed at the seagulls flying past and looked down at his own tiny wings, unsure if he could ever make his dreams come true...

Suddenly, a burst of laughter caught his attention. Kingi looked towards the sound and noticed a HUMAN floating by, with the wind in their hair and a smile on their face. Hang on, they weren't floating, they were SOARING, all with the help of an open top double-decker bus.

Kingi excitedly donned his flight helmet, goggles and scarf and chased after them, as quickly as he could go!

Brimming over with excitement, Kingi hopped aboard. The friendly driver offered a Kia Ora and told Kingi to head upstairs. You didn't have to tell him twice! All his dreams had come true and lucky Kingi could join his feathered friends in their flight.

On board the open top, Kingi felt like he was flying. He could see absolutely everything, and the views simply took his breath away. The other birds couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted Kingi mid-flight. From then on he was known as The Soaring Kiwi.

If you would like to soar like Kingi, pick up a ticket and hop onto our Soaring Kiwi bus today!

Kingi the Kiwi

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